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 That Party Chick's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What does "printable" mean?
Printable means an image that you can print yourself.  Printables can be printed at home, at an office supply or at a photo printer.  You receive an image ready to print.

2) If I order printable now, does it cost more to have That Party Chick print for me later?
There is no additional cost to add printing at a later time.

3) Are the items editable?
We do not sell editable files.  Our goal is to design your items perfectly with your personalization.  

4) Can I see a preview the item with my info before I purchase?
Proofs are only emailed after purchase.  Buying a proof (or printable) is paying us to personalize the image for you. Once the image is sent to you, we can make any changes you need.

5) Do you provide design proofs?
We provide proofs for printed orders and only print with your email that it is ready to print. Printables are sent ready to print. We  work closely with you to make sure your items come out exactly like you want.

6) What if I need changes to the invitation once it is emailed to me?
We will make any changes as quickly as possible and email the image back to you.

7) Can the hair color and skin color be changed on images?
YES, on any design in the store with a person image.

8) Can I change the wording?
YES, the wording is only a sample.  All wording can be changed

9) Can I add a photo?
YES, any image we sell can have a photo added to it at no additional cost. Photos are added based on the photo and invitation.  Photo cut outs (removing background) can be made at an additional cost (contact us for info).  Email the photo to

10) Can I get my order rushed to me?
Shipping for printed items can be upgraded to overnight.  We will try to accommodate your time frame. Contact us for specific requests at We work hard to process all orders ASAP.

11) Where can I buy envelopes?
Envelopes can be purchased from That Party Chick with printing or purchased at office supplies or online.  We recommend A7 envelopes for invitations and flat card thank you notes.

12) Can I get a discount or coupon code?
Any discounts are published via our newsletter (click sign up to join mailing list) or Facebook at

13) Do you take custom orders?
We do custom work all of the time.  Please email us at info@thatpartychick with your requests.

14) Do you sell blank images?  
No blank images are sold. 

15) Can you customize the colors of a product I purchase from your shop?
Please email with any specific change requests. We do offer customization and color changes for an additional fee (starting at $3).

16) What is the best type of paper to use for your products?
Bright white card stock or heavy weight matte photo paper, even for black colored invitations.

17) Can I print these myself or should I send them to a professional printer?
We recommend test printing if you are printing at home.  If the image is fully colored, it may be less expensive to print at an office supply. 

Any other questions? Please email or call Michelle at 504-615-5651.