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Halloween Party Games and Activity Ideas!

Take your Halloween Party to the next level with games to remember!

1. Costume Contest -  Have a costume contest! Lay down an orange carpet and have your guests walk down as you announce them in their costumes.  Give a variety of awards for scariest, funniest, best costume and more!

award pub


2. Pass the pumpkin - Have the kids sit in a circle.  Use a small gourd or pumpkin to play "hot potato". When the music stops, whoever has the pumpkin gets out of the circle until you have 1 winner.  No throwing the pumpkin, only hand it to the person next to you.

Small pumpkin


3. Craft Table or Game - Sticker sheets (from Oriental trading) or pumpkin decorating are some ideas to have a craft at your party.  You can also have Halloween coloring sheets. Guests can take home what they make as a party favor.

sign pub


4. Scavenger Hunt - This is so fun for teens and tweens.  You can add the twist that they have to take a selfie with what they find.  They can do it individually or in groups.  Items on the list can be decorations on your block.  If your party is on Halloween night, they can do it as they trick or treat.
scavenger hunt pub


5. Freeze Dance - Play the music and let your guests dance until you stop the music.  If someone is still moving, they are out.  You can keep going until you have a final winner!  Let the kids who are out help with judging.

Happy group of teenagers dance in Halloween costumes


6. Mummy Wrap - Break the kids up into groups of three.  One can be the Mummy to be wrapped.  Give each group a toilet paper roll.  Tell them to fully wrap the mummy, but not the face. Ready, set, go!  The first group to have their roll all gone, wins!



7. Dance Party - Hang your disco ball and spin the tunes.  Halloween parties are always fun for dancing.

teen pub


Have a prize basket for all of your games.  Easiest prizes are movie style candy. Let the winners pick from the prize bowl!  Happy Halloween!





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