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Shabby Chic First Birthday - Sweet Rose Fashionista

First birthdays are special for so many reasons, both in the life of the child and that of the parents!  It is a Korean tradition to celebrate the first birthday in great fashion.  Such was the case for one-year old Juliet, whose first birthday party was a work of love by her mother, Stella, who styled this event with creativity and design!  Stella is the owner of

party welcome table

Juliet greeted her guests wearing an adorable party dress and party hat by Mudpie.  The colors, polka dots, stripes, ribbons, and pink tulle were perfect for the style and tone of the occasion.  Turquoise blue shoes completed her outfit.

Birthday girrl floral dress

The Shabby Chic floral invitation with polka dots and flowers complemented Juliet’s dress and provided a vision for the party decorations.

Shabby Chic Invitation First Birthday

The dessert table was a feast for the eyes as much as it was for the palate:  Cookies, candies, and treats were enjoyed by all.

dessert table

shabby chic floral coookies

Among the snacks on the dessert bar were mini-chocolate bars wrapped with personalized candy wrappers celebrating Juliet turning one year old.

mini hershy candy wrappers floral 2

mini hershy candy wrappers floral

The striped and polka dot cake with floral accents was, of course, the dessert table focal point.

shabby chic floral cake_2

Birthday banners, balloons, and bears set the stage for the cake smash area.  Juliet’s high chair was adorned with a pink tutu skirt, befitting the birthday girl!

Luis Enrique Rivera Cuyar

Juliet was more than happy to enjoy her beautiful blue polka dot smash cake topped with the pink polka dot number one!

Polka dot smash cake

The snack and beverage bar was equally phenomenal with Asian Fusion cuisine and cultural favorites, as well as sandwiches, fruit, and cereal.  Great attention was given to detail as the table runner, tent style food labels, napkin rings, and toothpick flags were all made with the party’s patterned paper.

food table_2

korean party food 3

korean party food_

kim bop

korean shrimp chips

Personalized party water bottles carried out the colorful floral, striped, and polka dot designs.

Shabby Chic Water Bottle Labels

Several aspects of the party were focused on allowing family and friends to enjoy getting to know more about Juliet’s first year of life.  The guest book, which was Juliet’s story in pictures, was created using favorite photographs of Juliet with additional pages available for guests to write a personal note of birthday wishes for her.  Just looking through the book was an opportunity to see how Juliet had grown over the previous twelve months.



In addition, developmental update signs were displayed and detailed Juliet’s accomplishments and interests!

interests first birthday sign

Luis Enrique Rivera Cuyar

hobbies poster first birthday

Juilet’s birthday party included the main Korean cultural ceremony, the doljabi.  The child is presented several items, all of which represent something for his/her future. Whichever object the child picks up first is supposed to predict the future.  Guests get involved by writing their name on a card and placing it by the item they think the child will select.  Juliet had a choice of Money (Wealth), String (Long life), Pencil (Scholar), Calculator (Financier like dad), Shoes (Fashionista like mom) and Psy (Entertainer).


A career in finance might await this birthday girl as she selected the crystal calculator!

Luis Enrique Rivera Cuyar

Toys, coloring pages and sketch paper were available for children to play.

party games

birthday girl

The thank you notes were nicely written from Juliet.  They were enclosed in envelopes lined with patterned paper and a personalized thank you sticker envelope seal.

thank you notes

The party was a great success and although Juliet may not remember her first birthday, you can be sure it was a day her family and friends will never forget!

For more information about this awesome party and the planning that went into styling it, visit

Party printables: Shabby Chic Collection by That Party Chick

Party design: Stella from FabGabBlog

Party dress and party hat by Mudpie.

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