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How to Make Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner as Easy as Pie

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner should be fun! Even though there’s a lot to do and getting your turkey just right could be a little stressful, there are things you can do to make sure hosting Thanksgiving dinner is easy. Here’s what I suggest:

Let Guests Bring Things to Help

There is nothing wrong with asking your guests to bring a dish to pass! Most guests won’t mind and it will be a big help to you. Talk with your guests ahead of time and coordinate who is going to what so you don’t end up with 5 kinds of potatoes and no veggies!


When it comes to the items you are providing, try to prepare as much as you can ahead of time. If you’re making a side or dessert try preparing it the day before. Then on Thanksgiving, you can reheat what you’ve already prepared and focus on the turkey!

Set Up the Day Before
Thanksgiving Printables by That Party Chick

I also recommend that you get your table set up the day before. Doing this takes another thing off your to-do list the day of but it also serves as a checks and balance system for you. You can make sure you have a place setting for each guest. Plus it gives you some extra time to spend on table design! There are ideas on my Pinterest board on how to style your Thanksgiving dinner table  or you can also order printable decorations from us!


Have fun and enjoy a cocktail before dinner! My friends and family enjoy vodka mixed with a Dole fruit juice but there are many Thanksgiving and Fall themed drinks you could prepare ahead of time to serve your guests as they arrive.

CocktailsA Few Other Tips

I always try to make the holidays special so one thing I like to do is include a handed down family recipe on my menu when I’m hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Every year I make my Grandma Annie’s Cornbread Dressing. She is no longer with us and making her recipe a part of our Thanksgiving dinner is a nice way to share her memory with my children.
Lastly, I like to set up a kid’s table. The kids have fun sitting together. Plus, the adults enjoy getting a few minutes to themselves to enjoy their meals. So, this year as your preparing for the holidays, remember these simple steps to make hosting Thanksgiving dinner as easy as pie!

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