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Halloween Party Planning Tips

Plus a downloadable Halloween party planning checklist!

Having a Halloween party can be so much fun!  Just about everyone loves getting to pretend to be someone else for a day, so it’s the perfect time to throw a party.  Whether you are planning your Halloween party for kids or adults, you want it to be spook-tacular, so here’s a list of my best tips to ensure your Halloween party is a success!

Decide on a Theme for Your Halloween Party

When a party is coordinated with a theme you can really create an experience for your guests. Decide on your Halloween party theme early, so you can get invitations, decorations and more to match.

Pick a Date

Halloween is a busy time so plan ahead! Pick your date early and send invitations 4 weeks in advance.

Get Your Decorations

Using the theme you selected, get all the items you need to bring your theme to life.

If you’re having a Halloween party for children, here are a few theme ideas:

(Click on each photo to view the collection on our website)

Trick or Treat Kids

Trick or Treat Kids

Friendly Ghosts

Friendly Ghosts


Candy Corn

Candy Corn

If you’re having a Halloween party for adults, here are a few theme ideas:

(Click on each photo to view the entire collection on our website)

Rocky Horror Show

Rocky Horror Show - Coming soon to the site!

Costumes and Cocktails

Costumes and Cocktails


A Witch and Her Spider

Glam Halloween Bash

Glam Halloween Bash

Pinterest is also a great resource for ideas that can help you add on to any theme so be sure to check there for inspiration.


What’s a party without great food? Decide on your menu and determine if you’re going to serve snacks, appetizers, a full meal or just treats.  Search Pinterest for inspiration on how to incorporate your theme into your food presentation.

Games and Activities

You don’t want to overload your guests with things to do while they are visiting, but you should try to have at least a few games or activities for them to do. A few Halloween party activity ideas are:

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Your Costume

Make sure you plan out your costume ahead of time. The days leading up to your Halloween party might get busy, so get your costume early and have it ready to go.

Party Favors

Don’t forget the party favors! Pick your party favors and choose something that coordinates with your theme.

That Party Chick has tons of options when it comes to themes for your Halloween party!  Whether you are planning a Halloween themed baby shower, a Halloween themed birthday party or just a traditional Halloween party, we’ve got invitations and more to set the tone for your party.  Visit our website to view all our Halloween party themes, then head over to our Pinterest page for more ideas and inspiration.

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Download That Party Chick’s Halloween Party Planning Checklist!

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